Our Projects

We are committed to building quality into every aspect of our project work. Our team have the capability and expertise to design and build bespoke projects, suited specifically to your requirements.

Our Completed Projects


Accessibility improvements to paths, installation of boardwalks and bridges, drainage improvements, fencing, and tree works.

St. Swithuns

Creation of a car park in a boggy area, drainage improvements, improvements to pathing, riverbank protection, habitat enhancement, and channel narrowing.

Bishops Waltham Bridges & Steps

Initial project survey and project design. Improved accessibility through the installation of steps and two footbridges near new residential areas.


Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP), bank repairs, pathing improvements, boardwalk construction, and installation of hazel faggots and timber revetments.

England Coast Path

Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP), installation of ditch crossings, bridges, a ramp, concrete steps, large mobility kissing gates and accessibility improvements to paths.

Longslade Bridges

Design and replacement of two existing bridges.

River Dun and Test

Removal of a rock weir, and installation of woody and angler access berms on the River Dun. Gravel bed raising, skylighting and woody berm installation on the River Test.

Fawley Bridleway Bridge

Initial project survey, project design and a bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP). Replacement of a bridleway bridge to improve accessibility.

Wickham Water Meadows

Initial project survey, project design and Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP). Improved access through pathing, more gradual replacement steps, stepped access to the river, as well as stabilisation of the riverbank.

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