Footpaths & Bridleways

One of our primary goals as a company is to improve environmental awareness and countryside access schemes are an excellent way of doing this.

Using our honed technique and expert implementation, we have capably overcome steep slopes, wheel ruts and large potholes, returning them to accessible rights of way. By selecting the most appropriate materials required for each individual job, we can create a reliable and firm track on almost any sub-base. We also have a vast experience in root protection technologies having installed footpaths through dense woodland.


To ensure longevity of any newly constructed footpaths or bridleways, we will also create and implement a drainage plan, with the aim of stopping water running across the surface of the track and causing erosion. With a long history of culvert installation, an appropriate drainage network will be installed during construction of the right of way.


We have been responsible for the completion of many footpaths and bridleways all over Hampshire and surrounding counties, ranging up to flagship projects like the 17.5km long Meon Trail or 2.5km of the Shipwrights Way. Our staff members are qualified to operate a wide range of machinery, allowing a fast methodology for footpath creation whilst also ensuring a quality finish.


Improving public access to less accessible environments is made possible by our staff’s expertise and experience in constructing boardwalks across floodplains and water meadows.

Aquascience boardwalks are designed to blend into the landscape using sweeping curves and minimal slopes and undulations. We utilise either a driven post blueprint or, where required, hand dug and concreted posts to suspend the walkway above ground level, offering a safe passage across some of the South’s more challenging nature walks.


Our boardwalks can be constructed from wood or recycled plastic, with the most appropriate material for each individual project selected based on longevity, aesthetic value and cost. However, both materials result in a well finished, long lasting and accessible right of way. We also offer additional design features such as dipping platforms, passing places and ramps to fully utilise the amenity value of the environment.


Having completed single projects with up to 600m long boardwalks, we are confident in our ability to deliver any size product.


Aquascience bridges are individually designed so that they meet the varied requirements of the structure and are in keeping with their unique environment.

All our bridges are designed to minimise their impact on the environment and, where possible we look to install a single span (without piles in the river channel), hardwood bridge, perfect for small footbridges or private clients. Single span bridges allow a watercourse to behave as naturally as possible while having the minimum impact on flood risk. We pride ourselves in our ability to take on projects in inaccessible areas such as floodplains and water meadows.


However, our bespoke composite bridges are ideal for spanning rivers which are too wide for a single-span timber structure or for multi-user tracks, such as bridleways, where additional strength is required. Our more heavy-duty bridges are certified for equestrian use or even for small vehicles. Constructed primarily from steel, and galvanised to EN ISO 1461 (2009) specification for longevity, our composite bridges have reached up to 19m single span. Furnished with timber deck boards and hardwood handrails, our steel composite bridges still look in keeping with the idyllic English countryside scene.


Constructing various types of platform, either as part of a larger scale right of way enhancement or as a stand-alone project, allows us to add an extra level of amenity value to our projects.

We have constructed fishing and dipping platforms in the past along with passing places, access ramps and dog dips. Using a range of platforms at the edge of freshwater resources doesn’t just increase their public accessibility, it also enhances protection of more sensitive areas, such as marginal habitats, by creating a focal point for footfall.


Our fishing platforms can be attached directly to an adjacent boardwalk or trackway, or they can seamlessly blend into a river bank as standalone features. We have constructed both piled platforms or more technical floating platforms that sit atop the water on large floats.

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