Algal Control

We have a proven track record of providing appropriate small and large scale solutions for controlling algae in your waterbody

Algal Control​

We have a proven track record in devising and installing algal control. We take a varied approach to best fit the need of your waterbody.

Suppressing algal blooms and maintaining clear water is a particularly acute annual problem for local authorities and water companies, due to the potential risks to public health from blue-green algae and the high cost of removing algal biomass, blue-green algal toxins and taste/odour compounds of algal origin from the water supply.


Algal control often starts with assessing the cause of the problem, e.g. whether the source of the nutrient flux can be stemmed. Our staff are experts at determining what might cause an algal bloom and coming up with the appropriate solution. Often, introducing the correct type of plants and habitats or simply creating some shade could solve the issue. Other methods we have used include sediment removal or adding a pond dye, which will combat the nutrient and light levels in a pond respectively. Or for a more direct approach to algal control, we can propose strategic barley straw installations, which will naturally combat the population of algae.


Our floating islands and reedbeds can also make for a long-term solution to algal control, with the added benefit of enhancing a waterbody’s natural aesthetics.

Barley Straw Installations

For larger scale water bodies where algal control is of great importance, e.g. water treatment facilities, we recommend our Barley Straw Installations.

Our specially designed Aquabalance units offer a two-pronged approach to algal control and water quality improvement. Firstly, suspending the units just below the surface of the water allows the barley straw to decay and release a natural algicide and directly combat algal blooms. Secondly, the Aquabalance units are designed to create new micro-habitats for zooplankton that will feed on the algae and naturally control the population.


We have successfully installed our Aquabalance units to many bodies of water all over the UK, from small fishing lakes to 86ha water treatment reservoirs. Our specialised team work with stakeholders at the water body to maximise the effectiveness of the barley straw dose, whilst not interfering with other users of the water. As a testament to the effectiveness of our treatments, many of our clients have been taking repeat doses for over 15 years. As well as completing installations, we also sell the Aquabalance units directly to clients, complete with installation instructions.


Prior to implementing a remediation plan, a macro-invertebrate survey is recommended as a benchmark to measure future improvements in water quality and flag up deficiencies in the natural algal control mechanisms.

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