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Spring - Summer 2021


The Green Grid Green Loop is a 7km route encircling Bordon. The loop covers a large woodland area comprising of The Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve, Alexandra Park, and the Bordon Inclosure where people had followed a variety of permissive tracks and desire lines throughout. Despite several signs of past works, including surfacing areas, boardwalks and bridges, the woodland areas lacked a definitive route.

Each area requiring work is in close proximity to main rivers, the Wey and the Deadwater. The result was a network of drainage ditches and several tracks through the woodland that became seasonally wet. The aim of the work done by Aquascience was to provide a suitable, all-weather, multi-user track traversing the various woodlands and connecting different areas of Bordon. This in turn increases active travel by walking and cycling and reduces car journeys.

Prior to the path works, a small number of trees were felled or trimmed back where they were directly in the way of the desired path line, or to ensure they didn’t impact public safety. 2300m of pathing improvements were made to The Loop. Where necessary, an excavator was used to scrape the path tray, then a non-woven geotextile was placed down, and pathing material was laid and compacted. In areas of tree roots and areas that remain wet for much of the year, cellweb was used to protect the roots and help retain the surface material. These pathing improvements benefit the wildlife as a usable path means that the neighbouring ground and informal diversions will be allowed to regenerate.

Above Woodlea Primary School, the path is situated next to a slope. To prevent the new path from being lost down the slope, edge boards were installed before laying down pathing gravel. Through Jubilee Park, there were no existing paths, only trodden routes. Here, a clear path was created, fit for both walkers and cyclists. 

Where required, in some areas where path resurfacing wasn’t a long-term or viable option, boardwalks and bridges were installed. The 5 replacement bridges were built using green and airdried oak, as well as softwood anti-slip Gripdeck boards. The 118m of boardwalk was built using recycled plastic, as this doesn’t decay in wetter areas, and finished with kick rails to act as a buffer for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

A number of small sections of fencing were replaced or added to ensure the safety of the path. This was especially important in areas adjacent to steep slopes. Staggered barriers were installed to help discourage motorcycles from entering The Green Loop, while not limiting access for other users. 

The project was successful in creating a safer and more accessible track around Bordon. The improvements effectively prevent areas of the track from becoming wet and unusable in winter months and allow more people to walk and cycle rather than drive. 

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