Reedbeds & Islands

Individually designed in house by our experienced team, our floating islands and reedbeds provide habitat for birds, amphibians, and invertebrates

Reedbeds & Islands

Designed and constructed in house by our manufacturing team, Aquascience’s floating islands are an excellent way to introduce a diverse habitat to an otherwise barren open water.

As well as aesthetic benefits, our islands serve to improve water quality, combat algae and provide habitat for all kinds of birds, amphibians and invertebrates, native to natural reed beds. Plus, below the surface, our islands create a fish refuge and we can even add gabion cages specifically for encouraging fish spawning.


Each of our islands are created from either single rafts, or by joining together multiple modular rafts. With a selection of rectangles, squares and smooth sweeping arcs, our modular islands can create a wide variety of shapes, capable of fitting into any sized or shaped body of water. Combining this with the fact that we build all our islands to order means that we have complete flexibility in meeting your design needs. Our anchoring system means that our floating islands are just as effective in the margins of a watercourse as they are in ponds and lakes.


Once installed, we use a selection of native plants from our aquatic plant nursery to complete our islands, meaning that they instantly bring an aesthetic improvement to your water body. In order to protect immature plants from wildfowl or other animals, we offer perimeter fencing and anti- grazing cages. These allow plants the time they need to develop into reedbeds and, once established, these added protection measures can be removed again.

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