Lake & Pond Restoration

Specialists in lake restoration services and techniques throughout the UK. We provide experienced design, engineering and consultancy services for all size projects.

Lakes and urban ponds suffer many issues including water quality problems, bank damage, leaks, invasive plants and silt building up over time. We are fully conversant with planning control and have a cache of innovative systems and methodologies to restore your lake and pond habitats to favourable condition.


Our extensive knowledge of still waters enables us to advise and carry out processes to realise the full potential of your water. We specialise in reviving and re-naturalising urban ponds and lakes with our lake restoration service and habitat creation. We are also experienced in finding and fixing ponds/lakes that suffer from water loss through leaking, whether this be a minor repair to a clay puddled pond or an EPDM lined moat at a historic manor house.


For ponds and lakes suffering from over siltation, we have developed and honed our own technique of building silt curtains. We create a silt curtain in the margins of the lake which will primarily sit below the water level, giving it a low visual impact. Silt will then be excavated from the main body of water and deposited behind the silt curtain, creating an expanded margin and an excellent habitat for aquatic plant species.

Lake & Pond Construction

Whether considering a pond installation or a new lake construction, Aquascience Ltd can offer comprehensive lake and pond construction services. From concept through to completion our experience ensures your project is professionally managed throughout the process.

As well as restoration and management services, we are also adept at lake and pond construction. We have created ponds in all shapes and sizes, from small garden ponds, through urban wildlife ponds on brownfield sites, all the way to huge farm lakes.


Starting at the very beginning, we competently handle all preliminary topographical and feasibility studies, including ecological surveys. From then on, we will handle planning applications, any environmental consents required and liaisons with all the relevant authorities and stakeholders. Once all the preliminary works are completed, our experienced site team will be able to turn your design into a reality and create your new pond or lake.


We will also offer our ongoing water management services which allows you, as the client, access to all the tools required to ensure that maintenance continues to provide the very best for your water and all the ecology that benefits from it.

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