Twyford Mead Water Meadow Reinstatement

Twyford Parish Council

Twyford, Winchester


Twyford Mead Water Meadow Reinstatement

Working with longstanding subcontractors EnviroAqua, Aquascience undertook the Twyford Mead Water Meadow reinstatement project for Twyford Parish Council. This rare opportunity saw the council seeking to reinstate the Twyford Mead Water Meadows, adjacent to the Itchen Navigation, to a functionality not seen since the 19th Century.

The Water Meadows, originally designed to increase agricultural production, were derelict, with original drains and fingers overgrown and brickwork structures collapsed. The project sought to reinstate roughly 1/3 of the total area to working capability. By undertaking a topographical survey, Aquascience calculated the levels required for water to flow throughout the meadows and excavated the relict channels using a 3t excavator. Arisings from the excavation were used to backfill an oak post and plank revetment installed on a stream through the meadows to protect the banks from degradation from overgrazing.

Aquascience also enlisted the help of local contractor Trowel Craft Brickwork to replace one large sluice gate and several smaller ‘bunny hatches’ which had collapsed. Special bricks were used specifically to match the historical ones found on site.

Upon completion, with help from Twyford Parish Council, Aquascience oversaw the ceremonial first ‘flooding’ event, whereby the water levels were manipulated to ‘drown’ the area of reinstated meadow. The event, which drew a crowd of locals villagers who were keen to witness the historic reinstatement, was a great success.

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