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Winter 2021


This project was identified as 5th in the New Forest District Council’s Mitigation Strategy as an area which could be improved to manage recreational pressure on the National Park through improving recreational walking routes and providing open space enhancements outside of the park.  It focusses on improving a section of the Avon Valley path.

The path suffered from poor drainage, bank erosion, overgrown vegetation, an unsuitable bridge, poor access for users of wheelchairs or mobility scooters and poor signage.

After cutting back overhanging vegetation we resurfaced 1000 metres of path with improved drainage to provide a year-round path surface.

The river in this location is subject to low flows and high flows after heavy rainfall.  Where the bank had suffered erosion restricting the path, we installed rockrolls and an oak revetment to stabilise the bank.

The narrow bridge was replaced with a timber and metal bridge improving access.

All barriers and narrow gates were removed and replaced with mobility kissing gates and path signage was replaced or improved.  This diverse project has provided a much-improved path and increased year-round usability.

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