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Spring 2023


Depedene consisted of accessibility improvements to a right of way running through pastoral fields and small woodlands between Hythe and Dibden. Prior to these works, the middle of the route suffered from waterlogging, preventing access in the winter months as the field was too wet. As well as this, the former path was narrowed by fence lines and vegetation. 

To widen the paths, the existing fencing was removed, vegetation was cleared, and a new fence was installed in a more suitable position. A non-woven geotextile was used to line the path tray prior to the addition of pathing material, to guard against soft spots and vegetation growth, and the top layer of stone was compacted and cambered to allow for adequate drainage.

An oak and anti-slip Gripdeck boardwalk was installed in the boggy field in the middle of the route. It was finished largely without a handrail and, therefore, was kept as close to ground level as possible. Kick rails were installed to act as a buffer for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Handrails were installed on a small section passing over a drainage ditch, as well as on the ramp.

To ensure that the entire route is accessible to everyone, radar mobility kissing gates were used to replace existing stiles, allowing those with disabilities to open the gates fully. This, along with the installation of ramps and not steps, means that these works successfully helped open the route to more people throughout all four seasons.

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