Burridge Pond Creation

The National Trust

Burridge, Hampshire


Burridge Pond Creation

Aquascience were first approached by the National Trust in Spring 2019, when they were asked to design and construct a 300m2 wildlife pond in a field the Trust had purchased and were planning to use to expand the nearby woodlands. Due to the size and publicity of the project, Planning Permission was required for the Pond. Aquascience, acting as agents on behalf of the National Trust, carried out all aspects of the application and successfully received the Planning Grant.

The field featured a natural valley which characteristically collected water from the clayey surroundings and funnelled it towards the nearby woodland. This led to a design where, by utilising excavations from the pond itself to create a clay bund at the bottom of the valley, no extra water input was necessary. As the client was keen on year-round water retention, the pond was also designed with a liner.

Aquascience excavated the pond area based on a topographical survey carried out be retained site surveyors Monaghan Surveys Limited, using site levels to ensure the desired water level was achieved. 400m2 of Verdaclay CL reinforced Bentonite pond liner were imported to line the 300m2 pond, which was designed in a teardrop shape to fit the lands natural undulations. Aquascience also installed a French drain underneath the pond to stop water from pooling beneath the liner.

The pond batters were finished with a planting shelf and a natural 1:3 incline. On completion, the shelf was planted with native marginal aquatic species and, thanks to heavy rain towards the latter stages of the project, the pond quickly filled to the desired water level.

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