Breamore Pond Restoration

Hampshire Wildlife Trust

Breamore, Fordingbridge

Autumn 2014

Breamore Pond Restoration

Breamore Pond is a SSSI situated within the River Avon catchment. The control of invasive species Ludwigia peploides (Creeping Water-primrose) has been a historic issue in the area and, in Autumn 2014, Hampshire Wildlife Trust contracted Aquascience to eradicate it from the pond.

The wildlife pond, previously an excellent habitat supporting rare and native species such as Great Crested Newts and a wide array of plant life, had become heavily silted and overrun by the Creeping Water-primrose. The aim of the project was to eradicate the invasive species, remove the majority of the silt and restore the pond to its previously diverse wildlife habitat. Our high level bio-security measures were critical to the success of the project without further contamination.

Mechanical removal of both silt and Creeping Water-primrose was chosen as the preferred technique, with large excavators being used to shorten the disruption period of the project. The silt material was transported into an adjacent field where it was disposed of behind a large bund, previously formed by Aquascience. The silt was then left to dry, before being capped with inert soil to stop any further contamination.

The initial eradication of the Creeping Water-primrose was a success and, combined with the silt removal, the pond has returned to a more diverse habitat. Future maintenance from Wildlife Trust volunteers has resulted in the pond remaining invasive species free.

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